Welcome to the Metro Publicity Links.

M.P. Links(Metro Publicity Links) is the novel project of White Tiger Marketing Pvt Ltd.to provide for a stable and consistent network for publishing ideas.government schemes/programmers,public/private projects,and commercial entities. the project focus on developing consistent,modernise and unconventional platform for publicity.

"M.P.Links is india's first commuter channel"


what is commuter channel

it is commercial video channel for the common people of city, to entertain them while commuting in public transport and a medium of publicity and advertise for the local businessman.

listingit is going to be the most penetrating and effective medium of publicity in the coming time.
listingm.p.links provide for assured viewership of 2 lakh people each day .
listingMost effective medium to reach out to working women and students.
listingOne platform for publicity in the whole city
listingone medium to have outreach to all classes of people.


BCLL at a Glance

Bhopal City Link Ltd is the company of Bhopal Nagar Nigam,established for operating the network of hi-tech low floor buses in the city for providing public transport to the city. At present there are approximate 226 buses running on twelve routes. Among them 20 buses are A.C., running on 4 trunk roads and rest 205 are non-A.C.buses running on other eight standard routes. The city has just been equipped with a very well connected network to low floor A.C. buses by BRTS running on the longer routes. According to BRTS at present cater more than 1-1.5lakhs peoples in a day.


"देश का पहला यात्री चैनल"


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